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For everyone who keeps asking:
This is Troy, my little brother. He was murdered on September 1st, 2010. He was only 16 years old, turning 17 in just 6 more days. One of his “best friends” told him to come over to his house, where he shot him straight in the chest. The bullet lodged behind his lungs, but that isn’t what killed him. At first the kids story was that they wanted to get the bullets out of the gun to play with the gun powder, and a bullet exploded. The second story was that they were shooting into the kids mattress, and he accidently shot Troy. Third story was that he was pointing it at Troy, just fooling around and he accidently squeezed the trigger. Whatever happened, all I know is that my baby brother is gone and I still don’t have all of the real answers. At first I thought maybe it was an accident like the kid said; maybe he didn’t really mean to shoot him. But then more and more evidence came to light. How he ran out the back door and hid the gun. How he let Troy stumble to the front porch, fall down the steps and watched him as he drowned in his own blood. How he didn’t call the cops, call for help or try to save him. How he was jealous of Troy, how he was going around showing the gun to people and telling him Troy and him needed to talk. How could it possibly be accident after hearing all of these things?

I went to one of the trials for the kid. He sat there, twiddling his thumbs with a big smile on his face. He was whistling, making little noises and looking up at the ceiling without a care in the world. And then he turned around, looked straight at me and smiled as big as he could.

I wonder if he’d be smiling if he knew what he did to me, to my family and to Troy’s friends. I wonder if he knows what it’s like to see your little brother, covered in plastic and hard as a rock, laying on a little table in a secluded room. I wonder if he knows what it’s like to reach out, touch skin that’s cold as ice and feel how dead someone is. Even their hair. I wonder if he knows what it’s like to wake up every single fucking day and wish you were dead, instead of them. I wonder if he knows what it’s like to watch news coverage of the murder; seeing your little sister run to the house where he was murdered, screaming and bawling.I wonder if he knows what it’s like to fall to your knees, begging God to bring them back, screaming for them to just be alive again. Even for one tiny moment. Just so you can say goodbye, let them know how much you love them and how you’ll never forget them. 

There’s days when I just sit in my room, cradling Troy’s sweater to my chest and calling his phone, over and over. Just to hear him say his name on his answering machine. It’s three, maybe four seconds of hearing that wonderful voice again, but it’s never enough. I’ll never get another text from him during school, with him telling me that he misses me and can’t wait to see me again. I’ll never get another phone call with him screaming “YOU STINK. I LOVE YOU. BYE.” and then hanging up, laughing like an idiot the entire time. I’ll never get to see the way his eyes light up when he’s doing something he shouldn’t, or his ridiculous laugh when he does something stupid. All of that is gone, all because some kid was jealous.

I know I’ll see him again. Someday. But I’m sick of waiting. I’m sick of waking up every morning and it hitting me all over again that he’s dead. But I won’t give up, ever. My little sister needs me. My family and my friends need me. And what’s the point of killing myself? Troy didn’t give up his chance at life, it was ripped away from him without a second thought. It would be an insult to him and his memory if I did. So I’ll stay strong, try my hardest to be happy, and everyday make him proud of me. 

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This is not only a reblog for Troy, but to all the Troys out there who didn’t get a second chance. May you guys RIP. 

-I’ve been thinking about my brother a lot lately. Wondering what he would look like now, if his life hadn’t been ripped away from him. He would have been 21 in October, handsome and full of life. I know he would have gone on to do great things, not only because of how big and compassionate his heart was, but because he was the so special and so smart. But now I’ll never know what he could have accomplished in life. I’ll never know if he would have grown up to have babies and be there at my wedding. I’ll never feel his warm hugs again or feel his infectious laughter. Its all gone and my heart still feels so fucking empty without him, even four years later. I would gladly give up my life to have you back baby brother, but I know I’ll see you again someday. Keep watching over me, I’ll make you proud.


buffy + trouble with names
    ↪ Giles: Can I get you anything? Tea? I made a very interesting moussaka last night, if you’re hungry.
         Buffy: Pass on the tea. And the moose, thank you.


He enters Rome like a conquering hero. But what has he conquered?


Basically, the greatest GOT cast photo

Modern day AU picspam: “Game of Thrones” on summer vacation

Oh I thought I’d be done at 40. Bette Davis was just 40 - 19 years younger than I am now! - when she did “All About Eve”, playing a washed-up actress, which she perceived as being. She was in her early 50s when she played those gaulish old hags in “What Ever Happened to Baby Jane?” and “Hush… Hush, Sweet Charlotte”. Those were the choices for actresses of that age. So there’s been a big change. At 48 you were getting the shovel ready to go in… I’m out there on behalf of all the old broads and I’m proud to be there. Some people are happy about it, some are not… so screw ‘em!